15 things women do when they think no one is watching by Tejumade(Discerning stylist)

Ever wished to be a fly on the wall? We’re all born with an innate curiosity, Nigerians call it ‘amebo’ but it’s a perfectly normal human phenomenon.

One of the most interesting things you find out about others is what they do or say when they think no one is watching.

Here are 15 things women do when they think no one is watching
  1. Pretend you’re not hungry when you’re out on a date by ordering a plate of salad but wolf down two and a half wraps of pounded yam and egusi as soon as you get home.

2. Dance all night at the club in killer heels but throw them off and rub your feet in pain as soon as you get into the car as if you were not just dancing like someone was paying you to.

3.  Pull out a wedgie in a public place. We’ve all done it; whether it’s in a meeting or at the bank, once that wedgie gets too uncomfortable, you gotta do what you gotta do and hope no one is watching

4. Google your crush. You like this guy and he’s asked you out on a date so you Google him, trying to find out everything you can about him before your date. During your date, you sit there quietly, pretending like you don’t already know where he lives and what his favourite cologne is.

5. Not shower for 48hours. On your days off, you can’t be bothered to shower so you spend the weekend indoors, binge-watching Scandal in your PJ’s. All you need for survival are food and internet

6. Repeat the same clothes you wore yesterday. Need I say more?

7. Practising your camera poses in front of the mirror, because selfies.

8. Giving the middle finger to your boss. Figuratively speaking of course but we’ve all done it, right?

9. Watching yourself eat in front of the mirror. Maybe this one is just me but I want to know what I look like when I eat. Kini big deal?

10. Your husband got you a gift, it’s not your style and you’ll never use it so instead of letting it gather dust at the back of your closet, you regift it to someone who will appreciate it. It’s not the thought that counts, it’s the gift.

11. Going through old pictures of you and your ex. It’s not as if you miss him and want him back, you just want to reminisce a little, that’s all.

12. Embellishing your CV. Maybe you’ve never done a presentation for a team of Directors and CEO’s but you have done for your family and that’s kind of the same thing. You gotta fake it till you make it.

13. Chewing and popping your gum like the prostitute in the movie, Pretty Woman. You know the one, Julia Roberts’ friend. When no one’s watching, anything goes!

14. Daydreaming about a celebrity crush. Idris Elba is taken, sorry ladies!

15.  Watching Bridget Jones’ Diary for the 11th time. A good romance is what dreams are made of. Real life isn’t all that romantic so sometimes, you need a good movie to make you feel hopeful in love again.

By Tejumade Haastrup
Style Blogger, www.thediscerningstylist.com @thediscerningstylist on Instagram.


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