A day in the life of popular fashion blogger, Style connaisseur

Ever wondered what it’s like to be a fashion blogger? Style connaisseur shares with us her typical day, life as a blogger and things you probably don’t know about her.

The first thing I do in the morning is…

Honestly go through my messages, emails before I pray and wish myself best of luck

I would never leave home without…

My phone, keys and body cream.

 My staple clothing item is…

Oh my pair of white pants and white tees. It is a must have for me.

The one thing I’ll let myself splurge on is

Shoes and makeup. It is never a bad investment.

 If I had to describe my personal style in one word it would be

It would definitely be ‘Bold’

 The best thing about Nigerian designers are

They try to be indigenous.

My favorite Nigerian designers are…

Mae Otti and Lisa Folawiyo

 When it comes to fashion blogging, people don’t realize…

It is a lot of work and can only be driven by a person with passion, commitment and consistency.

 My guilty pleasure is…

I love watching movies, very good TV shows and Diary milk chocolate in walnut

 The most exciting person I ever met was…

I don’t really meet exciting people. Most of the people I meet are really really calm. I am the loud one.

 One person I’d love to meet would have to be…


 Something people don’t know about me is

I have an OCD for organization plus I am really playful.

 Heels or Flats


Favourite lipstick colour

Red lipstick for the win always.

 Dream job

Basically working for myself and having to answer to just me. As well as being accountable to God for the talent he has given me and using them to impact lives.


Style connaisseur is a Nigerian Style blogger, Lifestyle journalist, and Fashion influencer.

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