African Inspired Interior Design Ideas for Your Home

Here are some gorgeous interior pieces to add to your home this season. Out with the old and in with the new, spruce up and maximize your living space courtesy of IO Furniture.

With furniture made and sourced from Nigerian raw materials, IO Furniture is affordable luxury. Tasteful, timeless pieces for any home and any budget; IO has been around for over 25 years filling spaces you know and love; Murtala Mohammed Airport, Four Points VI, The Wheatbaker Hotel and more.

Find below some editor picks for each idea…

Imagine this gorgeous mirror in your front room or office lobby

These vase ornaments come in a variety of shapes and would look good in any parlour or lobby.

This table would look good in any room; home or corporate.

Splashes of Colour in Clean Spaces

Colourful accessories always beautify a plain space.

Light walls and Earthy Colours

Bringing that warm, cozy feeling to a space. Making it feel like a home you can’t wait to get back to.

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