The perfect guide to shopping fashionably on a budget with Nonye for Style me Africa

Do you ever get completely overwhelmed and have no idea where to start shopping? Or Want to learn a few of my shopping tricks? Keep scrolling!

Recently I realized a few things about me when it comes to shopping and I decided to share with you while I give a few helpful tips on shopping fashionably on a budget.


Ever heard of the fashion basics? If you haven’t these are the essentials that make up a fashionable closet starting from a basic white tee, to black jeans/pants, a blue jeans, black shoes e.t.c. I believe everyone’s basics vary according to their style. For example I might have a classic black work pants while yours is a basic blue jeans. (though a classic blue jeans should be in everyone’s closet). That said Basics are those fashion items you can use over and over again while styling it differently. You use these basics a lot and on that note you either need several of a white shirt or you invest in a quality cotton white shirt. It’s advisable to splurge a little on such items.

Stick to classic items and embellish with the trends.



A lot of people hardly do this (Used to be guilty). Before you go shopping its advisable you go through your closet physically or having a mental picture, Ask yourself a few questions like;

-Is there a certain skirt or pants you have and haven’t worn cause you have nothing to go with it?

-Do you have a lot of casual/work wears with no date-worthy dress?

-Do you have a lot of shoes with no sandals?

These questions help you make a list of what you really need and If you have nice things you don’t wear or use, consider selling them. Create more space & get little extra cash for your next shopping day.


We all have that fashion icon we look up to when it comes to their style, You can create a mood board for that “I use Pinterest for mine”. Save looks you come across that you like and see your self actually wearing & would suite your body type to your board. Break down this look see what you already have, make a list of what you do not have. OR maybe there’s a new trend you like to hop on but have no idea how to style it? well find inspiration from your favorite blogs & influencers.


Super helpful, gives you a perfect guideline on where to start shopping from. Also helps you keep tabs so you do not forget a really important item. A list helps you know whats really important, what you can cross off your list right now or leave for later, helps you create a financial budget cause you’re able to put in a certain amount on each item.


It could either be an online/offline sale. When it comes to offline sales be sure to get there on time before all the good stuff go. I tell you

-Ditch that friend that’s going to make you late sorry! she can catch up with you

-Take whatever you see that you like off the rack cause once you drop it and turn your back it’s gone! There’s no second chance.

Lol this happened to me over the weekend at @thriftprojects Pop Up on Sunday I had already picked out a lot of items and I was unsure of this shirt I picked up but when I decided it was worth wasn’t there anymore I’m still regretting that decision (lesson learnt)


Okay you finally go shopping and for some reason maybe a massive sale, the affordable price + quality or your indecisive nature You’ve picked out a lot of items which has now exceeded your budget it’s time to ELIMINATE and here’s how I do mine;

Depending on how much excess you want to remove I start by eliminating in twos (preferably two items around the same price) I consider which has more value for the price, which I can get somewhere else cheaper, which I’ll wear more and which would be less picky and be worn more (this depends mostly on your style). An example “Still on the shopping party i went for over the weekend, went over my budget I had to decide between a “Mauve pink body con ribbed dress” and “Mustard yellow blazer with zip details” was quite hard as they were both retailing for 3,50 NGN decided to get a second opinion from the girl attending to me and she said ‘a ribbed dress is what you can wear everyday’ and then it clicked nah Nonye won’t wear this everyday besides this looks over used can get a better deal for a ribbed dress at yaba market so OUT went the mauve pink & IN with the Mustard yellow (Can’t wait to style it)

Extra Tip

Do not do serious shopping during festive periods except you are engaging the services of a personal shopper. I recently discovered how I do not do well shopping with a lot of crowd & tension it becomes pretty overwhelming and this happens most during festive periods. I try my best to not do a lot of shopping at big crowded stores; I look out for affordable fashion sales parties, Go early, try on what I pick out & make the most of it.

These are a few tips I have curated, hope it guides you through your shopping spree this holiday season.

|Thanks for reading|

Till next time, BE YOU!


Did you learn a few shopping tips? Would you be shopping more on a budget? Do you have any tips to share with us? Please do leave a comment below 

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(Top: Local store in lekki,  Mom jeans– @vintagedenimm on Instagram, Slides– @shopmaju, Shades– @allthingschic)


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