Toke Makinwa opens up on her struggle with Fibroids, her recent surgery and her journey to healing.


Popular vlogger, relationship expert, OAP and multi-talented media personality Toke Makinwa, has recently shared her experience during the most dreadful time of her life.

Although the very controversial personality appeared strong and unperturbed over the years, little did we know she has been battling with Fibroid a major pain she had to bear and finally fight.

The beautiful multi-talented media personality took to her Instagram page on Wednesday, April 11, 2018, where she got to share her inspiring story with a video of a popular American pastor, Steven Furtick, where she said she got the inspiration from.

“Long and honest post alert***I like to think I’m strong, I like to think my mind is positive and I’m out here focused on me, building to have a better life than I’ve had and just trying to leave this world a better place. Watching this clip broke me because this has been my state of mind this year. The devil targeted my mind. He tried to make me lose my mind!! Somehow, strong TM started to live in a lot of fear and doubt and the fear quickly turned to depression. I could sell out my bags or kill it at a stage play or smash another milestone in my career and be so happy today and wake up sad the next.

The devil started planting words of uncertainty in my heart and I started to drift. I started to feel unworthy and it was a strange feeling I had a very important procedure and I didn’t tell anyone simply because a part of me wanted out from it. (Can you believe the cheek), last week I went into surgery and as the doctors did their thing, Jesus did his. He was there to lift all the unnecessary burden and give me a new heart and as I woke up I felt different. I felt chosen, I felt like I went thru a re-birth and I share this because someone out there is struggling too,” she wrote.

She further shared her experience during the surgery and how to handle post-surgery.

Watch the full video here



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