A Book about Marriage & Infidelity! “49 Ways to Get Rid of the Other Woman without Getting Caught” by Amaka Chika Mbonu

Amake Chika Mbonu is a motivational speaker, writer and author of the game-changing book about relationships, ‘how to get your husband to swing from the chandelier in a red Negligee, a book that gives insight into the mind of a woman and gives women a voice to speak their heart to their man.

Amaka has been a Christian marriage and pre-marital counsellor for 15 years and is passionate about making a marriage work. She has spoken at various female empowerment meetings, all-male meetings, and at singles gatherings, giving valuable insight into what she has learned from counselling sessions and personal experience, basing and weighing everything on the timeless principles from a book, she likes to call ‘The Books.’ Her mantra remains, “Marriage for a lifetime, not just a moment in time.”

Amaka holds a BA Honors Degree in English and Literary Studies from the University of Calabar, Cross Rivers State. She has been married for 23 years and has two young adult children.

49 Ways to Get Rid of The Other Woman Without Getting Caught” is a book that deals with one of the major issues that seem to have become the aberrant norm in many marriages today…Infidelity.

It looks at this issue through the lens of the wife, as she seeks to permanently oust an intruder who is threatening to, or has already entered into, her territory… the other woman.

Whilst the subject matter is global and relevant for everyone, or maybe rather, every woman, some of the references and analogies used are local to the author’s roots in Nigeria. The essence, insights and lessons of said references and analogies, however, remain the same.

The author has chosen to expand on the ways a wife can completely reclaim her territory from the intruder, by referencing targeted principles from the best selling book of all time. This is a chronicle of laws, petitions, supplications, and declarations of war. It is essentially a manual for warfare.

The stance and tone are militant, violent, and aggressive, and the author doesn’t hesitate to inform us that, as in regular warfare, there will be casualties. She employs the use of several short, but riveting stories loosely based on true facts garnered over fifteen years as a marital and pre-marital counsellor. These stories are interspersed throughout the narrative.

To purchase the book, please visit books.amakachika-mbonu.com  or send a DM to @amakachikambonu

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Amaka Chika-Mbonu

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