9 things women do unknowingly that kill their orgasm

Women complain most times about their inability to reach orgasm, and it isn’t just about the women, men also complain when their woman is unable to reach orgasmic heights; it kills the ego in a man when he feels he cannot satisfy his partner.

Surprisingly, research has revealed that there could be so many things hindering a woman from reaching orgasm which she isn’t even aware of.

9 things women should be wary of as regarding their orgasm:

Feeling bad about yourself

The way a woman feels about herself can affect her orgasm unknowingly to her. If you feel good about yourself it would help your body’s response to a better sexual desire; if you feel bad about yourself, it would be harder to enjoy sex and it would even be more difficult to reach orgasm as you don’t enjoy the sex. Exercising would help a lot as it improves blood flow and when there is adequate blood flow to the genitals, it would improve orgasmic level.

Sitting for too long on a chair

You might be busy at work on a chair and think it’s okay to sit for too long but it isn’t, a little stretch and walking around would help you a lot. When you sit for too long, it could shorten the muscles of the pelvic floor and by this, the tightness of the muscles can be a hindrance to orgasm.


If you are stuck with taking antidepressants then you should watch this as it could possibly affect your orgasmic level. Research has shown that up to 96 percent of women who take antidepressants report a sexual side effect of the drug. However, exercising can help alleviate the mood-killing effect of antidepressants.

Lack of concentration

Some women don’t know this, but concentration is highly important if you are going to attain climax. It isn’t just about hitting the sheets but it’s about using the right frame of mind. When your mind is carried away from the moment, you can never feel that drive to reach climax. Lack of concentration kills orgasm.

Unnecessary talking

Some people are turned on by erotic words during sex; however, unnecessary chatter can kill the mood. Fewer words and more action would be a better suggestion. Talking too much can actually turn your partner off, and not just your partner, it can also kill your concentration level.

Too much alcohol

A little booze might stir you up to have sex, but anything massive can impair your concentration level during sex and it would have an adverse effect on your orgasmic level. Drunken sex can impair judgment and concentration level during sex—two prerequisites for reaching climax.

You don’t drink enough water

Lack of water can also affect your orgasmic level. Our bodies need water to function well and a lack of it can lead to poor orgasmic level as well. With water and other hydrating fluids, you would have a surer orgasm than without it.

You don’t know how your body works

Every woman should know how her body works and the right places that make her more sensitive to orgasm, but not every woman knows this. According to experts the most important aspect for any woman wanting to become orgasmic is to explore her own body and discover what she likes, what feels good and how to have orgasms alone before engaging in sex with a partner.

Excessive wearing of high heels

Christian Louboutin became famous for saying that high heels are a sexual abuse because the arch of the foot is exactly the same position as a woman’s foot when she orgasms. So even when you know that high heels are extremely sexy you should be cautious about it as too much of it could just be hindering your orgasm.

Almost every year, research is being carried out for causes and solutions to why most women can’t reach climax. Studies have shown that only 25 percent of women orgasm during sex while 75 percent need an extra sort of stimulation to make them orgasm and worse still, 10 to 15 percent have never reached orgasm.

There are a thousand and one reasons as to this and these nine tips could go a long way.


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