Bolanle Olukanni Shares tips on how to stay away from sex till you’re married

Bolanle Olukanni is a media personality and fashion influencer, and she has decided not to have sex until she’s married.

Staying celibate can be very difficult when you’re dating someone you’re very attracted to. It’s even harder when you’ve had sex before because you already know all the emotions attached to being intimate and your body obviously wants to feel that again.

However, Bolanle Olukanni wants us to know that it’s possible to stay celibate until you’re married. She has some tips that have helped her and they can help you too.

Here they are:

Guard your mind

Bolanle doesn’t watch movies with sex scenes because she doesn’t want them to make her chase after someone to have sex. If you don’t see it, you can avoid thinking about it.

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Don’t date people who want to have sex

Bolanle ensures that the person she’s dating is also determined to stay celibate. Dating someone who wants to have sex when you want to avoid it will put you under unnecessary pressure. It’s better to find someone who shares your values.

Pray about it

Most people who stay celibate do so to please God, so it only makes sense to ask him for help. Sometimes it takes superhuman effort to stay away from sex so why not ask God to help you and give you strength?

If you’ve been wondering how to go about staying away from sex, these tips from Bolanle Olukanni will definitely help you.

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For more details about her decision to stay celibate, check out her Vlog on the subject below.





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