Best Part Cover By Praiz: A Serenade of Blissful Emotions

No doubt it’s just a cover but we can’t take away the brilliance, passion and emotion that envelopes Praiz’s cover of Daniel Caesar’s Best Part. Absolutely one of the music industry’s best vocalist, there is something about Praiz’s voice that is emotive. Whether singing in a falsetto or not, Praiz has mastered the art of serenading his way into the heart of his fans. He initially won my heart with his cover of Rhianna’s Stay, and he has done it again.

Guess what?

It’s the first time I have listened to the cover of a song before checking out the original and it is absolutely thrilling. With a visual so simple and smooth yet connecting, Director Dindu gave a revealing interpretation of two people who desire each other but are holding back.

We don’t have many soul singers in Nigeria, Praiz is the rarest of the few. He is not only sticking to doing RnB music, he always delivers.

Listening to this song is the Best Part of my week which only just started. You should check it out here



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