Pleasure and Dreams; by Tofunmi Akinseye

We don’t know a lot about the places we go when we die and we really don’t know a lot about the places we go when we dream’

You’ll agree with me that amazing things have happened in our dreams, I remember the feelings I have had in the pit of my stomach during some of those dreams and the profound feeling of excitement and thrill that I am yet to experience in my waking life.

Sometimes, I get lost in my thoughts just literally visualizing my dreams and having a mental picture of myself in the dream, what my hair looked like, my clothes, where I dined and wined, who I dined and wined with, myself in a private jet going for a business meeting somewhere in the World (Didn’t quite look like Nigeria lol ‘just kidding’) what my media outfit/empire would look  and even future hubby, all of these imaginations completely titillates me and they seem quite crispy and clear!

Pardon me if I do sound vain! I mean what is the entire hard work for?

I get immersed in my dreams when I am in one and ensure it becomes my full reality, I had dreamt of the pleasure edition (Our recent edition) and when Debisi our content girl shared the plan with me it made me sink deeper into my imaginary world! Every day, I envisioned and worked towards making this a reality and right now as I write this it feels very pleasurable seeing such great work put out there.

What is the purpose of our dreams? It’s easy to think that our sleepy brain simply pulls ideas and images from our brain and puts them together in order for us to work through them.

I really do think that’s part of it!

The truth is whatever we believe about our dreams should remind us of how incredibly rich and creative our inner lives are, and also hints us on the possibilities for other realities beyond our present status.

The beauty in dreaming is that you are not limited by location, language, money, the colour of skin and more… you can reach the highest of mountains and the zenith of excitement just by closing your eyes, and projecting what your future would look like! You need nobody’s permission to dream!

Taking dreams from imagination to reality is what I derive pleasure from, seeing what I had in my head being played out, in reality, is an exhilarating feeling and state of mind I continually love to be in. Think back to your favourite achievement, remember how good it felt? Basking in the warm glow of your accomplishment and success.

Think about the moment when the desire to achieve that goal was a tiny seed of an idea in your mind and you said ‘yes’ to the idea! And boom it came to reality, no one else can describe those feeling asides you.

By repeatedly visualizing an event, situation, object or person, you command your subconscious mind that this is what you want and this is what it must seek.

And it would happen! There’s power and pleasure in dreaming!

Tofunmi Akinseye

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