Let’s discuss some of the guilty pleasures your Man Crush(s) has but will never admit to. Yes!
Men like to think they are simple creatures, and the truth is we actually are! We like the simple things in life; shoes, cars and gadgets. We like to pretend like we are not as petty and complicated as women but if you look beneath the surface, however, you’ll find that we harbour our fair share of guilty pleasures that we might not like to admit. We love to keep those a secret, but in all honesty, we shouldn’t. It is just who we are and might even turn out to be a very hot quality your dream girl wants in his ideal guy!
Here is a list of 12 guilty pleasures all men have whether they like to admit it or not. Some may be obvious and others may come as a complete shock.

1. Gossip: Men like to gossip as much as women do. They try to make it subtle by calling it men’s talk, gist or random discussions. However, such petty talks are indeed what it is – gossip. Talking about girls in such a manner they analyze their character and physical attributes. Having a like-minded partner at work to discuss their colleagues with, siding with another friend to backbite about another who messed up; the indications are glaring. Men enjoy gossiping.

2. Erotic Fantasy: Your filthiest, most psychotic erotic fantasy—the one that’s too dark, too dirty, or too illegal to mention. Don’t worry. Every guy has one.

3. Self-obsession: Like googling oneself to see how popular you are in the social media world. Wondering if people really know you? Men do it too.

4. Stalk: Men stalk their crush on the social media, especially their celebrity crushes. Same as women do, in fact, men do it better. They have her finest picture on their phone; get jealous when she poses with another guy on the gram and scroll through all the comments on her page just so they could defend her honour, when in fact she is unaware of his existence.

5. Love helplessly: I will keep it short and simple. When in love men cry more than women do, secretly of course. They are too scared of losing their lovers they eventually lose them by being scared. How do I know?

6.Love for shoes: This is an obvious guilty pleasure a man has. Shoes are one thing a guy doesn’t have a problem investing in. Whether it’s a pair of Versace loafers or a slick set of sandals, men love to accessorize with shoes. We also find that a man’s shoes can tell a lot about their personality. Shoes always have the answer and don’t we know that ourselves.

7. Love for cars: Men love cars. They love talking about cars, looking at cars, driving cars, doing anything to do with cars. Have you noticed their eyes light up during every single car commercial or when a special one passes them on the street? Does your man like working on his car? Cars are like gold for guys. We love anything fast, shiny, sleek and beautiful. Maybe that’s why we also love women!

8. Obsession with gadgets: You can never come between a guy and his gadgets. All guys are secretly tech nerds. Some of us just have to have the latest iPhone, even if we don’t actually need it. Most times we do it for social acceptance and validation – big boy.

9. Wearing necklaces, bracelets and other accessories: Gold isn’t only a girl’s best friend. Guys love to wear blings too. It truly does take a real man to wear Jewellery confidently. Look at all those guys wearing bling on their necks and in their teeth. We also love shiny things too, we do! The only difference is it needs to be manly for it to fit. One last thing, men love accessories and when we can’t get them, we simply lust after them.

10. Secret love for girly music: This is one of those guilty pleasures that men might not like to admit. We love female vocalists. From Beyonce, Rihanna, Chidinma Ekile or even Tiwa Savage! We have these songs bumping up in our cars because we understand the greatness of these artists like girls do. It isn’t a thing of shame; good music is good music, we just don’t like to admit that we do.

11. Love for cooking: Guys love to own their space in the kitchen even if it means boiling noodles over and over again. Men love to cook! If you’ve noticed, guys have taken over a lot of kitchens and restaurants. There is something about a man’s presence in the kitchen that is really hot. Plus, most women see a man that can cook as pretty sexy. In this day and age, there’s nothing wrong with a guy stepping into the kitchen and whipping a meal for everyone. Let’s call a spade its name; we sometimes go an extra mile in the kitchen to impress our dates.

12. Attention: Like every girl, guys too enjoy being pampered, noticed, admired and even talked about. If you doubt this, step into a mall, stare at a random well-dressed guy for a moment. He automatically giggles, checks himself out and gets enveloped in the moment. If you want to get the best reaction, walk up to him and admire his shoe or wristwatch… Watch him melt.
Sorry, I let the cat out of the bag guys; it is what it is and who we are. Cheers!

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