We are super proud of our Nigerian sisters! Yvonne Orji & Luvvie Ajayi repped Naija at the Famous Apollo Theatre

Naija girls for life, Luvvie Ajayi and Yvonne Orji, represented at the famous Apollo Theatre and here’s how it all went down.

The stars of podcast Jesus and Jollof were a part of the “Africa Now” weekend concert at the Apollo Theatre. It was a night of magic, inspiration, laughs, tears, and prayers.

NYC-Based international celebrity photographer Oluwaseye captions the night perfectly:

Jesus And Jollof.

Need I say more??? We came We Sang We Laughed We Cried and We Definitely Prayed.

My Sisters sold out the historic @apollotheater It was really magical and I’m glad that the people in the audience got to experience the special bond between these two. They are both blessed beyond their wildest dreams, which probably explains why they have no problem sharing and spreading their blessings(and I’m not just saying this because they offered me some of their jollof backstage)

See the photos below:


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