Are you a “crazy Scorpio bitch?” On Toke’s “SPICY’ advice for boring relationships

So Toke Makinwa, the OAP who somehow manages to get herself entangled in a social media war, mostly because of what she wears or says or in this case, her outlandish ideas of spicing up a relationship.

Yes, outlandish, because recently she said that because her Zodiac sign is Scorpio, which supposedly makes her a “crazy bitch”? Leemao! Going further, she said that she is the “type of bitch that would f*ck things up for her man especially on a day he is happy and probably has an important deal or meeting or something really big”…because she is a Scorpio and its “normal” behaviour for scorpios.

Well I think everyone is entitled to their opinion, sensible or not. Everyone should also be careful of what they read, digest and most likely practice, on Social Media because it might definitely not work for you when reality sets in.

There are many ways of spicing up a relationship than deliberately making you partner mad and pacifying him or her with a “raunchy picture of yourself’. That definitely DOES NOT work guys, please you are NOT TOKE o, do not practice on anyone. She must have said what she said for clout or whatever, but that sh*t is definitely not for normal minded people.

Frankly, I am more concerned about the effect this advise would have on clueless people than on the adviser or the said advise.

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