BBN Update: Omashola saves himself and replaces with Seyi!

I wouldn’t say I saw this coming, but I am glad it came. So, they just concluded their live nomination show and the following housemates are up for eviction this week: Tacha, Khafi, Mike and Omashola. Plot Twist, Omashola, the veto power holder saved himself and put Seyi up for eviction! I think at this point, we all know who will go home on Sunday, LOL.

Cindyyyy is Head of House, talk about grace in action!

So we had an Interesting chat with two of the evicted housemates, the pretty Avala and the unusual Joe. Stay tuned for more details, you don’t want to miss this one, trust me.

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  1. Let me not say everyone knows that it’s seyi,that’s leaving. But,I know my guts tells me so. He’s the one leaving for the big brothers house,this Sunday.

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