South Africa employs rules to stop more Nigerians from returning

Reports have it that the South African government is frustrating efforts geared towards evacuating Nigerians from South Africa. About 320 people were expected back, but only 187 people were welcomed back at Murtala Mohammed International Airport on Wednesday.

One of the returnees, Uche Victor said:”I am bleeding because I left my wife and daughter behind, but I have to come back because my mother cries for me to return or else something will happen to her.”

“South Africans believe Nigerians are drug dealers, but I do not know the colour of any drug.”

Another returnee also said that many Nigerians are still stranded back home because South African government suddenly changed immigration rules when the flight for Nigerians arrived. The flight was said to have been delayed for 15 hours before takeoff.

Hmmmm, Southies do not want us in their country, they also do not want us to leave, what then do they want? Well that’s their business. We are glad that atleast they came back unhurt.

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