Weekend Vibes!!!

Its the weekend and we are here to serve you some of the best Series and of course Movies that you and Bae can keep yourselves busy with, except you are single to stupor. LOL

Ok so, here are some worthwhile series first of all and then we move on to movies:

  1. The Handmaids Tale: set in a dystopian era, this series would keep you glued to you screens for a whole day. Basically a group of powerful American men force the rest of the country into a world where women can’t have children, so each family is assigned a handmaid and these handmaids are practically raped by the Men and they bear kids for them. Don’t say I didn’t do anything for you.
  2. Stranger Things: this one is sure going to keep you on your toes all through The suspense, the thrill and action? Just a tale of 4 boys and one girl who try to find themselves under the the influence of a strange supernatural force.
  3. Jessica Jones: a private detective with superhuman strength who is an alcoholic.
  4. When they see us: I am sure everyone must have seen this one. If you aren’t ready for an overflow of tears and a rush of emotions, you can skip this one. A real life story of 4 teens wrongfully arrested and jailed for a crime they didn’t commit.
  5. Dead to me: a comedy-drama about a recently widowed lady who tries to overcome her grief by joining a support group She makes friends fast with Judy. If you love comedy, this should definitely be your pick.

Then for movies to see at the cinema this weekend we have:

  1. Hobbs and Shaw: definitely a must see. First of all, Dwayne Johnson if one FIINEE man. So its about a cybernetically enhanced soldier played by Idris Elba who has the capacity to wipe out half the world’s population. Luke Hobbs and Deckard Shaw have the obligation to stop him.

Others are:

2. Spiderman;far from home

3. The Millions: for those who enjoy Nollywood, this one is actually deviates from the narrative we all have about Nollywood movies. Highly recommended.

4. Miss Bala: interesting story, nice acting.

This is all we have for you this weekend. Stay tuned for our weekly movie review, where we pick one movie and criticise or applaud its plot. Have a great weekend!

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