Lagos State House threatens to arrest Ambode.

The Lagos State House of Assembly has threatened to arrest Ambode if he doesn’t appear before the house to defend himself concerning the purchase of 820 buses.

The House of Assembly had set up an ad hoc committee to investigate the purchase of 820 buses by Ambode and some other government officials and also the Oshodi Interchange project.

According to a statement released by the House, Ambode and three other former government officials had refused to appear before the house.

The Chairman of the Committee, Fatai Mojeed stated that the committee demanded the transaction vouchers for the buses that were purchased and the only response from the Accountant General was that she relied on the Governor’s approval.

“Mr Akinwunmi Ambode did notreport to the house before purchasing the buses in question and it was revealed that over N48 billion was committed to the project, excluding import duty to the total of N20.2 billion. Out of 820 buses, 520 are still at the Nigerian Ports Authority, Lagos”, he said.

That is definitely a whole lot. What exactly are the 520 buses still doing at the Ports Authority?


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