How to have an effective beauty routine in times of COVID-19

1 Washing hands

By now, every social media post is saying one thing and one thing only — wash your hands properly. Experts are asking you to wash hands, use sanitizer frequently, and not touch any surfaces. And the basic rule: You need to wash your hands for 20 seconds and anything less is ineffective.

2 Immunity-boosting foods for your body and skin

It’s all about detoxing and working on your insides, so choose whole foods, eat more fruits, and go low on sugar and carbs. Don’t forget potent immune-boosting nutrients that will give your body an extra wall of defense. Zinc fights against viruses so eat your weight in pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, and egg yolks. Get lots of vitamin C through citrus fruits, kiwis, papaya, and strawberries. Selenium helps too, so binge on organic meats/eggs, onion, garlic and broccoli. Everything can add up to a beautiful glow.

3 Use good hand creams and hand masks

We have been religiously washing our hands and that means, our skin is dry to the bone and the natural oils stripped off.  Alcohol-based sanitizers do tend to dry out our skin so invest in moisturizing and nourishing hand creams.

4 Choose the right skincare

Take this time to make your skincare game strong and clutter-free. Get rid of old makeup and skincare, those that are past their expiry date and pare down your routine to include essentials. Serums with active ingredients, a good moisturizer, and a great sunscreen are basics. Rest of those essences and oils are an added plus.

5 Drinks lots of water

Two liters of water a day is mandatory, which means glowing skin alongside good health. Your body and your skin will thank you for the hydration.


6 Choose the right containers

Try to exclude products that need you to dip your finger in them — you might carry germs into it. So, this is a good time to evaluate whether your skincare packaging is healthy. Look for stick cleansers and masks. Moisturizers with pumps and nozzles are better than ones that come in jars.

Also, stop using fingers. Use blenders, brushes, and sponges, and sanitize them well and often.


7  Anything with alcohol works

Remember how drying is alcohol? This time choose products that do contain alcohol because it can help with sanitization. Alcohol-based toners are a better idea at this point, as are alcohol-based makeup removers.

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