A weekly sex schedule plan to spice things up for couples in Quarantine

When you shacked up with your partner, you probably never imagined being under the same roof virtually 24/7. That’s the reality for many of us in 2020, whether social distancing, voluntarily isolating, or in full-on quarantine. Without the daily built-in breaks that come with outside obligations — work, friends, gym — folks who are married and/or living together are entering unprecedented terrain. Things are about to get very interesting… especially if you’re reading this just a few feet away from your partner.

Honestly, I think this is where the full test of marriage comes to play but guess I am not a marriage counselor so let’s leave the serious talk for them. Now to what I know you all really want to read. How do you keep things interesting in the bedroom this quarantine period? Some of you might be thinking “Abeg I can’t go and kill myself” but hunnay! You can’t have that mentality now ooooo You are on LOCKDOWN.

You’re not only about to see a lot more of each other — you’re going to see each other in a whole new light. You’ll be side by side with your better half for a few weeks. If you can’t escape after an argument or just after spending 72 hours together, what can you do for relief?

SEX is the answer, of course. It’s a long-known stress reliever, so tapping into its anti-anxiety purposes is always a good idea. You’ve gotta stay sane somehow. We aren’t talking about the boring mummy and daddy sex, you need to bring you A-game this time, you need to be creative and that is what we are going to help you with.

If you and your partner are worried about boring each other to death in the bedroom, we’ve got you covered. Just follow this weekly schedule to keep things spicy.

Monday: Be A Tease

You can tease your partner by sending erotic messages of what you want to do to each other be very descriptive no matter how weird it might sound in your head, type that shit down. Lay it all in that message. I promise that night the sex you will have is gonna be heavenly.

Tuesday: Sex Afternoon

I think this explains itself. We are talking about sex and YES while the sun is up. There’s no better way to work out in the afternoon. And remember, it’s always 12 p.m. somewhere.

Wednesday: Relax

Sex is great, but how about trying a little tenderness as well? Take turns setting the mood every week: aroma therapeutic candles, some bubbly, and a 112 playlist. No sex — just relax and tune in to each other for a bit. It will help to pick a theme each week

Thursday: Try It

You know that position you and your partner always talk about but never incorporate into your sex playbook?  Try It or you wanted to watch porn together? Try It. The point is, this is your opportunity to try it all because when work starts its back to “Baby I am too tired, I had a hectic day at work today. This is your time and like Nike will say Just Do It

Friday through Sunday: Intermittent fasting

Taking a break from sex is an awesome willpower challenge. Let’s see how long you can go without shagging — just foot rubs, kitchen caresses, neck kisses, and other forms of foreplay. The endgame could be very much worth the wait.

Written by LOC- @sexiification

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