Motivation Monday! During this perilous time, what really matters?

Yes, we know we are moving from a smaller weekend to a bigger weekend LOL, but nothing beats having that motivated mindset we all miss so much every Monday morning. Might as well reminisce!

First of all, we understand how difficult it is to stay focused these days, especially those of us who are new to remote work or whose jobs cannot be done remotely. We understand this new and we urge you as much as we want you to relax and not guilt trip yourself, we would also want to encourage you to try out other things that may not be necessarily work related, but that could give you a sense of fulfillment when you engage in them.

Take reading a fun novel for example, or trying out new dishes. Yes, it is progress. From this, we can move on to other things AT YOUR OWN PACE. Do not ever feel guilty about not “starting a side hustle”, or “taking an online course”, or “learning a new language”, during these perilous times. Let’s all worry about surviving this with our SANITY intact first.

Another tip that could help put your mind at ease is exercising, a simple stroll outside could do the trick, doesn’t have to be something tedious.

We really hope all our extrovert blog visitors are and every other person is doing well this period.

Please stay safe y’all. Love and light!

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