Quarantine IG Live Series: How to sustain a COVID-induced long distance relationship

Quarantining away from bae? Countless couples have been separated as the government races to contain the spread of COVID19, limiting movement of people from one place to another. Couples who live in the same city are now scheduling Face time hangouts, phone sex etc.

Join us tomorrow on IG live with Yeside Olayinka, as we discuss sustaining COVID -induced long distance relationship. Yeside is the founder of Olori Coitus Wellness, a sexual health education and coaching enterprise. Olori Coitus creates sexual programs for varied age groups and provides professional guidance to individuals and couples, helping them strengthen intimacy and enhance sexual pleasure.

Do not miss this one!!! Date: 14th April 2020. Time: 7pm.  Location: savvymediaafrica IG Live!

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