How long should “talking stage” last? What are the rules during the talking stage.

For clarifications, the Talking Stage is that stage a guy and a lady are when they probably don’t know each other well enough to start dating yet. They go on dates and maybe one party hasn’t accepted the other’s proposal to go into a relationship. You know how they tell you to develop a friendship first before accepting to date a guy? Yes, that phase is called the Talking stage.

This guy on Social Media decides to rant about the “only” time he was played by a lady. Turns out it was during the “talking stage”, this lady had a boyfriend and was leading this other guy on. Remember, they weren’t dating, but they had sex for, wait for it…7 MONTHS???
So Ladies in the comment section agree that the lady lied  yes, but doesn’t owe the guy any loyalty. How can you not know if you want to date someone for 7 months?

The thing is, there are no rules to this dating game especially for millennials. With our zero emotion stance on everything, nobody wants his or her time wasted with someone who needs 7 whole months to decide to make them official.
She had a boyfriend, and lied that she didn’t, true and vile too. This however doesn’t mean that she owes the guy loyalty. If anyone should be mad, should be her boyfriend.

In less than 7 months, people meet, date, plan weddings and even get pregnant too. Meanwhile some other people are still in the “talking stage”.

Yes, even if you date for ages, every other day you keep discovering new sides to your partner that you never knew, good and bad. You should know what attitudes you can condone in a potential partner. Don’t waste somebody’s time and expect loyalty when you haven’t made it official or you haven’t expressed any desire to date him or her.

The lady in the story was really deceitful, covered up her lies with more lies. But then he said they weren’t dating. He probably thought he could learn everything about her then decide not to date her at the end? Whichever way, he should have walked the moment he realized there was someone else. You don’t need 7 months if you know what you are looking out for.
Take your time, all by yourself. Know what you want and aim for it.

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