Monday Motivation!

Today’s Monday Motivation is about keeping safe!

Last night, the NCDC released their daily collation of confirmed coronavirus diseases patients. Lagos had 70! Majority of the numbers were recorded in Lagos Mainland, which includes Yaba and environs. Followed closely by Eti-Osa Local Government Area. For Alimosho, the NCDC describes the situation as “a cluster of infections”.

As we all try our best to keep safe, do remember also that we will definitely beat this and there will be life after this pandemic passes away. How prepared are we for that? What steps are we taking to make sure our finances do not suffer too much after this? There will be loss of jobs and at the same time there will be influx of new jobs too. The focus should be on what would be in demand at that time.

We have had enough time to calm ourselves and live each day as it comes, but this is the time to take a course or two, at your own pace of course. This is the time to learn something digital! The world is changing and would definitely not be the same after this pandemic. Making ourselves more useful and indispensable to our employers and creating value in our organizations would go a long way in retaining our jobs during and after this pandemic, as employers may start looking for new excuses to lay off staff. Even if one is laid off, that knowledge you have gathered can be passed on to people who need it for a fee and boom! a business is born.

Happy new week guys. Please stay at home and stay safe!

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