Pastor Tunde Bakare donates church premises to be used as Isolation Centers

Pastor Tunde Bakare is joining hands with the Government and other exemplary pastors in fighting off the pandemic in the country. This he is doing by donating his church premises in Lagos and Ogun states as isolation centres.

In a video shared on his The Citadel Global Community Church‘s Twitter, he encouraged other pastors who have lamented about the continued closure of places of worship to step up and help in the fight, while not mentioning any specific church names.

Markets are only open to keep people from going hungry, he explained, before enjoining the pastors to donate their church halls, too, as isolation centres.

The Citadel Global Community Church@TheCitadelGCC

The CGCC is offering the LASG parts of our current Church facilities at Akilo Road, Ogba, to be used as an isolation center for Covid-19 cases. The CGCC Medical Missions will onboard LASG officials to ensure the best utilization of this space

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