African Young Adult Series, Blood and Water is coming to Netflix!

Blood and Water is one of Africa’s major Young Adult (YA) films alongside Nigeria’s MTV’s Shuga.

It is however the first African series in the YA genre to start showing on Netflix and we are here for It! Here’s the trailer:

It honours many of the tropes of the high school drama story line of the YA genre. The show’s protagonist is a teenage outsider who finds herself in a school environment that is worlds away from her life. She befriends a glamorous queen bee with whom she shares a secret history. The main character has to navigate the intricacies of the new social class into which she now belongs while holding on to the identity that separates her from the class systems that dictate who is accepted or rejected in her new prep school. There is alot of bullying and ostracization.

Blood and Water also breaks a number of existing YA tropes, its lead characters are all black and female, and dark skinned, with hairstyles that celebrate African heritage, and from the trailer, it gives insight into some South African cultures and systems.

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