Are you a mother or father of a toddler? Here’s how you can keep your baby “busy” when you work from home.

Having a baby to care for during the lockdown can be extra exhausting since they require constant attention and supervision. Still, there are ways to keep your baby entertained and secure with you in the moments when you have to answer a quick email or make a phone call. And there are resources full of fun ideas for parents looking for new things to do with their babies during this time of 24/7 togetherness.

1. Learning Toys:

Developmental toys are a great way to keep babies occupied and entertained while learning. There are many different options for different stages in a baby’ first year.

2. Activity Centers:

Meg, a mother of a 9months old, said she keeps her daughter busy with “a table she can stand in safely with various activities at her fingertips.”

Activity Centers (both stationary and mobile) have been in use for parents with little ones at home ― even in pre-pandemic times. With the challenges of work-life balance in lockdown, it’s no surprise they’re being put to good use.

4. Sensory Activities:

These are activities that engage different senses. Baby-friendly activities like playing with rattles, banging on drums(probably best during non-work hours), exploring ice and warm water, playing with texture balloons, and learning about sinking and floating .

5. Sibling Interaction:

If your baby has an older sibling at home, it might be worth letting them entertain each other (in the presence of an adult). Scholastic has a list of activities for preschoolers and babies to try together, like show and tell or making funny faces.



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