6 easy-to-learn and fast online courses to boost your career/personal portfolio.

As painful and negative as this may sound, we just have to put it out there. Not all of us would have a “well-paying job at the end of this month. It’s nobody’s fault, it’s just life and unforeseen occurrences.

This specifically applies to those of us whose jobs can hardly be carried out from home, like marketing, sales people etc. Companies are mostly replacing these positions with marketing software or with people who have experiences and vast knowledge of online marketing.

Well, don’t fret yet we got you always.  If you decide to start a business, you need capital. If you don’t have a sponsor, you most definitely need another better paying job, and for this you need “in-demand skills”.

Here are some skills/course that you can quickly take. They are pretty short and mostly free!

1. Introduction to Python: this is one of the easiest to learn and most widely used programming language out there. Could learn in a month or less, and most sites offer it for free.

2. How to VLOG: you’ve got a vocational skill, or a peculiar one that you think could be useful to people out there, you could make use of the YouTube opportunity and learn how to VLOG, and make cool money from it.

3. Interior Design basics: You’re spending more time at home than ever, and while it’s likely your living space is as clean as it’s ever been, it might not look the way you want it to. Considering that quarantine isn’t ending any time soon, and there could be more such periods ahead, make your space look its best with a class designed to help you figure out your style and apply it to your home.

4. Negotiation Skills: Yet another skill that’s more essential than you’d think, is negotiation. No matter what your profession is, negotiation skills are essential to you at every step of the way. Whether it’s asking for a salary when you’re joining an organisation, drawing up a contract or, indeed, asking for a hike in your current organisation – negotiation is part of your everyday life.

5. Social Media Strategy: a diploma in Social Media Strategy will not just educate you on the basics of email marketing, blogging and creating a Facebook page that gets you/your company noticed but also take you through affiliate marketing and the different methods to help you increase your online visibility.

6. iPhone Photography: iPhone Photography Secrets on Udemy teaches you different tools and techniques and offers handy tips to get great pictures on your iPhone. Starting with basic settings and functions and managing photos on your Camera Roll to building a creative eye and using appropriate apps for editing and special effects.

You could negotiate your way into a higher and better position at your place of work even if you are on the verge of being dismissed. Learn Skills, put them to use even if it’s for free to gain first hand experience. These will help you kickstart the next phase of your career life.

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