5 Nigerian companies/startups taking steps to make life easier for smaller business and individuals during this lockdown!

2020 came with a loud bang! As individuals, dealing with a very eager-to-spread disease like the Coronavirus is one situation we never thought would happen, at least not to us. Businesses have locked up shop, some are struggling to make profit, but still sell because well, “consistency is key”.

But here we are, surviving (in our own way) and slowly getting used to living with this. With safety measures of course. Bigger businesses that were created to solve Africa’s major problems are now stepping up to actually do this. Companies are actually joining forces to make life easier for smaller businesses and consumers too.

Here is a list of companies and start-ups that have become even better and more efficient by changing the narrative and also finding ways to help smaller busineses/consumers to cope with the situation:

1. Flutterwave:

Originally a payments processing business. However, Flutterwave devised an e-commerce platform to enable businesses to set up their shops online, with payments and delivery integrated. So small businesses wouldn’t have to worry about selling online and not getting paid, they already have a payment channel! Since its launch at the end of April, Flutterwave said that more than 1,000 businesses in Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, and other countries in Africa, had created accounts on its e-commerce platform.

2. Jumia/Coldstone/PinkberryCollaboration:

Cold Stone Creamery and Pinkberry Gourmet Frozen Yoghurt have just launched a unique service offering called ‘Special Care Packs’ – not only will you save unnecessary trips to the supermarket with this offering, you get to stay safe at home and also enjoy your favorite treats all at discounted rates – The Special care packs help you satisfy your craving, while also giving you access to essential items such as hand sanitizers, cooking oil, noodles, Vitamin C, rice – the list is long. For N1400, you can enjoy a cup of creamy ice cream, alongside some of these essential items and all you have to do is choose the combo that works for you. You can order and get it delivered on Jumia Food.

3. Paga:

Lagos based venture Paga has made fee adjustments, allowing merchants to accept payments from Paga customers for free — a measure “aimed to help slow the spread of the coronavirus by reducing cash handling in Nigeria,” according to a company release. Paga no longer collects charges for transactions from their customers. A way to ease the financial burden of consumers.

4. Domino’s Pizza:

Since the month of may, the Pizza making company has slashed their prices in half, thereby allowing customers to get the same great taste and goodness for half the price! Cool huh?

5. Cocreation Hub(CcHub):

Africa’s largest innovation incubator, CcHub, announced funding and engineering support to tech projects aimed at curbing COVID-19 and its social and economic impact.

The Lagos and Nairobi based organization posted an open application on its website to provide $5,000 to $100,000 funding blocks to companies with COVID-19 related projects. So if you have a great idea to help curb the spread of Covid19 or “flatten the curve”, visit Cchub’s website.



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