News flying about of a BBN pepper dem Housemates reunion? 4 things that we hope to take place during the reunion.

The show’s organisers haven’t made any official announcements yet, neither have they confirmed anything yet, but little birdies have been flying around with gists of an impending BB Naija reunion of the #pepperdem housemates. We wish!!! Anyways, we are totally anticipating and here are some few things we wish would happen.

1. Less drama: sure we can all agree 2020 has enough drama already in it’s bag of tricks. Housemates, no unnecessary drama please. There are many ways we can catch fun without being spiteful to one another.

2. Updates on how they are making use of the opportunities that come with being in the Big Brother show. This would definitely be insightful for incoming/potential housemates. Great content too for viewers.

3. Relationship Life: believe you me, we love you guys and some of us are crushing on you. Please let us know if you are still single (for those who obviously aren’t dating/married) and when and how we can shoot our shots. Male and Female dears.

4. Dealing with personal issues calmly: scratch point 1 guys. There will be drama!!! Lots of it. We would want you guys to be the classy individuals you are and deal with it calmly like one big family.

Have any other expectations to add? Comment below!


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