Hadiza Isma El Rufai under fire on Twitter for choosing not to comment on Southern Kaduna killings!

This news brings back memories of that time President Buhari abolished the office of the First Lady, claiming it accorded them unnecessary powers which they abused.

Well, it has been confirmed that First Ladies in this case, a Governor’s wife, might not have any role to play politically even while reaping massively from the dividends of democracy. This is in terms of housing, feeding, security, etc.

Infact according to this particular Governor’s wife, she doesn’t have to lend her voice or at least condemn the inhumane violence going on in her stage because she apparently “swore no oath”.

Recently Social Media especially Twitter has been awash with hashtags condemning killings in Southern Kaduna. Gory pictures of bodies of women and children massacred in Southern Kaduna filled the Internet yesterday.

Through all these, neither the Governor not any Government official in Kaduna came out to publicly confirm or even condemn these killings which are alleged by the way.

An individual on Twitter criticised the First Lady of Kaduna State or rather, Governor of Kaduna’s wife, Hadiza Isma El Rufai for celebrating 80,000 followers on Twitter and inquiring about becoming an “influencer”, rather than addressing or commenting on the Southern Kaduna killings.

This was her reply:

Did any of you see “First Lady” in my bio?

My TL is for language, humour and other light-hearted issues. I don’t tweet about serious matters like governance and politics. Though I’m married to a governor I’m not a part of government. I swore no oath.

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