3 things Lagos Commuters are facing after the first month of the gradual ease of lockdown.

Thanks to the gradual ease of the lockdown in Lagos State for a month now, some businesses and companies in Lagos State have been able to do business and make ends meet without having to lay off staff.

But the guidelines prompted by the Coronavirus pandemic may have done more harm than good to Lagos citizens who have to commute to work everyday by public transport.

Here are some issues Lagos Commuters have faced in the past month:

1. Spike in Bus Fares: due to the guidelines put in place by the Lagos State Government, buses are allowed to commute a lower number of passengers to allow for social distancing. This has resulted in passengers having to pay double the fare for a seat.

The major problem with this is that salaries have not been increased, but fares have doubled because of social distancing. The pump price of fuel has also not reduced significantly, so we cannot entirely blame these drivers and conductors.

2. Hike in the price of household items and foodstuff: unfortunately, many Lagos workers cannot afford to buy Foodstuff in bulk. They purchase these items almost everyday to make their meals. With the limited number of days in a week allowed for the food markets to operate, comes the increase in price of common household items and foodstuff.

3. Inability to save: many career/entrepreneurship activists tend to “advice” low income earners to save up and “start up something”. That easy huh? You can’t save when your salary is low and your expenses have doubled? You wanna die?

So far, nothing much has been done by the Govetnment to alleviate the plight of these low income earners who are stuck with jobs they despise because “half bread is better than none”.


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