Kogi State Commissioner who raped, assaulted and threatened to murder Elizabeth is now in police custody!

Kogi state commissioner, Hon Abdulmumuni Danga, has been arrested for the alleged assault and rape of Elizabeth Oyeniyi an ex beauty queen.

In March, Elizabeth had called out Hon Danga, the current Commissioner of Water Resources in Kogi state for allegedly assaulting and raping her after she had urged the commissioner on Facebook to assist his sister and family financially.

Danga, hired thugs to kidnap her from her home with her three-year-old son, flogged her himself, stripped her naked and made a video of the ordeal and threatened to post it when next she makes a public comment. She added that he held her captive then took her to a hotel at night and raped her.

This video found its way to the internet and it immediately went viral with Nigerians calling for justice.

Human Rights Activist, Segun Awosanya aka Segalink took up the case and fought for justice.

He has been granted bail without any reason according to Segalink.

Here’s what he wrote:


The Kogi Commissioner that allegedly battered and raped Ms. Elizabeth is now in Custody at the @PoliceNG FHQ after several attempts to obstruct justice by the Governor of the state. He is currently making a statement & we hope he will be detained & charged for his infringement.

The pressure from the state Governor to have this man walk free despite his crime against humanity is unthinkable. We are calling on the  @PoliceNG_CRU

and the office of the IGP to ensure justice is served. He must be charged to court for his abuse based on evidence gathered.

Violence against women must never become a norm neither should it be reinforced by the political class. Elizabeth has gone through Hell. There’s been many threats to her life on the record & the @PoliceNG investigation have all the evidence. #JusticeForElizabeth #EndImpunity

They made a call to Elizabeth telling her she can be killed by the whim of she refuses to let it go. They dictated several Facebook posts to her to make in order to be free from their crosshairs. The police have this on the record. That man must not be let off the hook


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