“Hurt people hurt people, Tacha doesn’t know how to act and she will learn another way”- Venita. Here are other highlights and drama from the BBN reunion so far!

Today, the 4th of June is the final day for the BB Naija pepper dem reunion that has been airing for the past 3 days.

We really do not know what to expect from today’s show, but the show so far has been mild. Minimised drama and filled with more of subtle shades unlike the reunion of their predecessors.

Tacha has admittedly been classy all the way. We even got to know that some other people had issues with her like Esther, which we didn’t really notice during the show.

Seyi also continued his usual bants with Tacha being the recipient. Seems like all the housemates are cool with Mike.

It also looks like some of them are a bit envious of Tacha or are rather using her as the butt of their jokes? Tacha fans did not find it funny with Kim Oprah when she mocked Tacha during the show by shouting, “Calm down, You left, You were disqualified, disqualified”. Wow!

Last night’s episode was focused on discussing their Insecurities, about being confident and about bragging too.

Mercy was asked about the many boxes of clothes she came with, she answered that she loved dressing up, Jackye was quizzed on why she showed off during their time in the house. She replied that she is an intellectual and should behave as such!

Most of the housemates said Seyi, Tachaand Omashola bragged a lot in the house.

Kim Oprah had alot to say about Tags and Seyi. Kimoprah pointed out that Tacha brags a lot and said she didn’t back up her bragging that it was just mouth. She said Tacha was rude from the start when she came into the house and said everyone followed her into the house. She also said Seyi did the same thing as much as it was. Hmmm!

Tacha responded ofcourse. She said Kim should fix her insecurities and the only time they both stood up in the house Kimoprah left. She went on to say, Kim shouldn’t bring in sentiments in a game and if she’s not strong enough she should have stayed at home.

Seems like all of them just wanted to throw jibes at Tacha because of the vibes” she gave off while in the house.

Venita also had something to chip in about Tacha. She said, hurt people hurt people and said that’s why Tacha is the way she is. She said she genuinely feels that Tacha doesn’t know another way to act, and will learn eventually and develop another way to be confident.

Ok, We were wrong! There is drama! Well,sit tight and get ready for the highlights of today’s episode!





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