Serena Williams and her Husband talk about Alexis’ big decision to resign as a co-founder of Reddit

So yesterday, Serena William’s husband, Alexis Ohanian resigned from his position as the co-founder of Reddit and put up his position to be replaced by a black man! Has anyone ever made a move so great and a statement so loud? Like he totally raised the bar for people who actually care about this BLM protests to actually make a move that truly matters.

He said he thought of what his black daughter would think if she grew up to see these things and ask “what did my father do?’

In explaining why he took that decision, he said:

“When I thought about what Reddit needs, what business needed now more than ever was someone that had a position of power to say, ‘There are too many white faces around the table, there have been for too long…,” the Reddit co-creator said on his wife’s weekly Serena Saturday’s IG Live sessions. “What are the things that I can do beyond donations.'”

He continued, “I have been so heartened by messages I have received from total strangers in business, in particular a number of Black men and women who found my email, or through a friend sent me a note, saying how much they appreciated the gesture simply because of all the rooms, all the board rooms, all the executive rooms they have walked into, where they have realized they have had to prove themselves.”

Alexis further explained his recent decision to step back from the company he co-founded in 2005.

Serena expressed how proud she was of her husband, and noted that he resigned from the company all on his own. If anything, she pointed out that Alexis’ decision to step down was “definitely shocking to me.”

“This is all Alexis, which is really cool,” the tennis icon said. “A lot of people may think that I told you to do something, or that I forced you, or that I was in your ear… he doesn’t listen to me ever! So that’s not the case.”

Serena also noted the “many different challenges” she’s had to face in her life as a Black woman.

“A lot of people don’t know, my whole life I’ve had to deal with so many different challenges. I’ve had to deal with a lot of inequality, I’ve had to deal with racism,” she said. “Honestly, sadly, it has become… somewhat of a norm for me.”

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