Statues of renowned racists and slave masters are being brought down around the World. It’s about that time!

Always wondered why those statues remained there, even though they knew what these people did and after so many years.

Well, the killing of George Floyd has led to an awakening not just in Minneapolis where it occurred, or even in the USA, but across the World. Black people are marching, declaring that their lives matter.

In the UK, the 125 years old 18 feet statue of slave trader Edward Colston was brought down during the #BlackLivesMatter protest.

Colston is believed to have sold about 100,000 humans from West Africa from which he made his fortune. Despite this humanity, a giant statue in honour of him stood for 125 years. Until June 2020.

Other statues of Slave Masters and racist leaders are undergoing plans to be brought down. Here’s one of Léopold II of Belgium who was genocidal, in Brussels, Belgium.








Here’s one of the famous Winston Churchill in the UK:

Here’s another one of Confederate General Robert E. Lee, a well known slave master in Virginia:

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