Khafi’s social media rant has resulted in her being removed from the Official BBN Pepper dem Whatsapp Group!

The BB Naija pepper dem Reunion has garnered a lot of comments and hot takes concerning what was revealed about Ella two nights ago.

Mercy and Venita were the antagonists as they kept on putting Ella on the spot and questioning her about the genuineness of her plea for help for her mother’s condition. Mercy even went as far as asking Ella if she does drugs!

Even Ike said that he is used to girls fighting for him and that he had always been interested in Mercy and was just playing with Ella’s feelings? Interesting!

Well, the self acclaimed “London Parrot”, Khafi took to social media to show her support for Ella and also call out other housemates who aired their grievances about her during the reunion while she thought she was cool with everyone (Hello Jackye!).

Some hours later, Khafi also updated us on the result of her social media rant: she was removed from the BBN Pepper dem Whatsapp Group. That was quick!

Lets also remember that the group was allegedly created by Elozonam, even though we aren’t sure of who the other admins are or who actually removed her.

Honestly speaking, this is the “pepper” we all signed up for yeah? Let’s all enjoy the show without bringing sentiments and unnecessary beef into this shall we?

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