It’s Monday!!! Happy New Week y’all.

Happy New Week people!

Our motivation for this week is a quote by Steven Pinker and it says:

“nothing gives life more purpose than the realization that every moment of consciousness is a precious and fragile gift.” ―Steven Pinker.

Now this doesn’t mean that we should wake up with the gloomy thought that our life could be snuffed out at any point, that would sap our daily joy.

This rather means that, we have everyday of our lives, that we wake up to do something meaningful, to impact someone, to encourage or educate someone or even ourselves, to live purposefully and intentionally.

See this life, the way it turns out for us is mostly due to the choices we make early in life. There is the “luck” factor, we also have successful people whose success were borne out of the soft landing given to them by their well-to-do parents, which is fantastic!

But many of us aren’t that lucky. When you know where you are coming from, you grind twice as hard. You seize every opportunity available to you to make things easier for you swiftly! This is what we mean by living intentionally. You don’t wait for those people or opportunities to come, you go and get them on your side.

Our beloved Ibidun lived a really noteworthy and impactful life. Her life is an epitome of selflessness and charity. She found her purpose and fulfilled it while she was on earth.

May we never live ordinarily during the years we are supposed to be living extraordinarily.

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