All we know about the Dbanj and Seyitan saga!

This month has been awash with several calls for justice for rape victims, beginning with the cruel rape and eventual murder of young Uwa in a church in Benin City. The issue is one which we have ignored for so long as a country and have shamed victims into silence by gaslighting and questioning their whereabouts and dressing.

Even some of our favourite celebrities are not left out as many hidden happenings have been revealed by alleged victims who finally had the courage to speak up. Some of these Celebrities publicly apologised for certain ‘rapey’ statements made by them years back, while outrightly denying these rape allegations, probably due to lack of evidence or the fact that these sexual assault allegations happened long ago.

One of such allegations was levelled against multi award winning international artiste, Dapo Banjo aka Dbanj. His accuser, Seyitan alleged that he maneuvered his way into her hotel room after previously wooing her (which she declined) and forcefully had his way with her.

Now here’s what we know about this particular case:

According to her initial tweets, Seyitan was invited to a party by Dbanj’s manager, Mr Franklin and went with a friend, Laide who probably left her there. She meets this “Oyin” girl who claims she is lodged in the same hotel as her, Glee Hotel in VI. Oyin tells her that Dbanj is interested in her and offered her a sum of money to spend the night with him, which she refused. They head back to the Glee Hotel in VI and she realises that all of Dbanj’s staff are lodged in the same hotel.

She goes to bed and wakes up at night only to find Dbanj by her side fingering her, he forcefully has his way with her after pleas from her.

Dbanj released a press statement. While not directly addressing the issue, he subtly denied all allegations levelled against him.

According to him: “I did not want to dignify the slurs with a response but it appears my silence has empowered my accusers to think i have been scared into the shadows so I would like to state that This Accusation are false and ludicrous and Have been handed over to my Legal Team, while the Nigerian Police is Investigating the Criminal aspect of it.”

Read his full press statement here.

He later went on to demand the sum of N100million from Seyitan as a compensation for defamation or she prepares herself for the “full wrath of the law”.

Now, Social Media users got triggered when reports trickled in that Dbanj had the Police arrest Seyitan and her mother and detained them for a whole day! She was coerced by the policemen to withdraw all accusations and delete all the tweets she made accusing Dbanj of rape.

Some female rights activists whom have made contact with Seyitan claimed she was shaken. Now calls are being made to assist with legal fees and a reputable legal team, which she should have prepared herself with before the issue escalated.

Some other female rights activists on Twitter have gone as far as obtaining the email addresses of brands(international and local) with whom Dbanj is associated and sent emails availing them of the information about the ongoing issues between Dbanj and his accuser.

Here is a screenshot of a conversation between Seyitan and Oyin:










Here is also a statement by Glee Hotel in VI:






Here are some screenshots from Seyitan’s initial tweet thread which was deleted from Twitter yesterday:

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