Here are 5 myths about the Coronavirus

In a time when so much is still unknown about the coronavirus, we are understandably eager for information.

It’s critical we stick with facts and health guidance; doing so can slow the spread of the virus and keep more people safe. While most of the country is beginning to reopen, the pandemic isn’t over yet.

Here are some myths about the Coronavirus disease that we thought to be true at the beginning of the pandemic, but have been proven to be FALSE:

1. Coronavirus dies under hot weather. This is false!

2. Face masks guarantee 100% protection. Also false because while health experts say Face Masks are important, they can’t thwart the virus entirely. In other words, don’t expect to only wear a mask and be fine. Other health measures, like frequent hand washing, social distancing and avoiding touching your face can also help reduce the spread.

3. “The virus was made in a Lab”: This is 100% false too. New Research has debunked this myth: The virus is the result of evolution, not lab engineering. Despite internet rumors, there is no evidence to suggest that this is the case.

4. “Thermal scanners can detect the virus”: Still very false! Thermal scanners can detect fever. Fever is one symptom of the coronavirus, but many people infected with the virus do not have symptoms. Fevers can also be associated with conditions unrelated to coronavirus.

5. “Antibiotics can kill the virus”: While antibiotics are successful at treating some health issues, coronavirus is not one of them. Antibiotics work against bacteria, not viruses. Antibiotics have, however been prescribed by health experts to be used during treatment.






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