Daddy Freeze faces serious backlash over comments made during his tour of Hushpuppi’s house a year ago!

Daddy Freeze has been under fire from Social Media users since yesterday, he is even on the trend table on Twitter. His crime?

Well watch this video of him, his wife and hushpuppy having dinner and making jokes.

He also went further to address the backlash by quoting scriptures about Jesus Christ dining with sinners and immoral people:

#Freethesheeple is a movement spearheaded by Daddy Freeze to educate Christians on the “evil” of paying tithes and offerings to their Pastors who in turn allegedly use this to fund their own extravagant lifestyle.

He outrightly called some of these pastors, “scammers and yahoo boys” too.

The table has turned and daddy freeze is on the receiving end because he is seen in a video, dining with a WIDELY KNOWN cyber fraudster, while criticizing Pastors who use church offerings and tithes to fund their lifestyles.


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