Kanye West is reportedly going through a Bipolar episode.

Kanye West has been making headlines for the past few days as he has declared that he is making a presidential run this year. Things heightened when he talked to Forbes about a number of things, including his presidential run, no longer supporting Trump, Planned Parenthood, and much more. Now it looks like there may be an explanation for it all.

According to @tmz_tv, sources reportedly revealed that Kanye is having a serious bipolar episode and his family members are concerned that it has had an impact on some of his recent decision making.

The source added that he can suffer through a serious period with his bipolar disorder, and it usually happens once a year, and the source claims he is currently going through that period now. Family members and those that are close to him are reportedly worried but are hopeful that things will stabilize as they have done in the past.

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