5 most memorable moments of the BBN pepper dem 2019 show!

The BB Naija season 5 pepper dem show came with a whole lot pepper literally!

With the two queens of highlight vying for the spotlight, the lover boy whose love got rejected, the love triangles, the one who never stopped talking about her boyfriend, the high and mighty ones and others with fascinating characters, the show was a really fun one to watch.

This is why we have compiled 5 of the funniest, most awkward and intense moments of the show. We might miss some, please tell us in the comment section.

1. “Tacha, Tacha, Tacha”: this moment was hilarious. During the live eviction show, Ebuka asked Tacha the characteristics of a winner, and she replied “Tacha Tacha Tacha”.

2. Cindy and Enkay’s Ludo game: this incident garnered intense reactions from Nigerians and led to the eventual eviction of Enkay. Enkay vehemently asked Cindy not to play the Ludo game with her. After Cindy left, Enkay resumed the Ludo game with Venita. The memes from this incident were really funny.

3. Frodd’s emotional moment: Frodd asked Esther out during the show and she rejected his proposal, this actually made him cry! And viewers formed this softie view of him.

4. Tacha and Omashola’s fight: the “barking dog/nbuzo” quarrel. Really funny!

5. Mercy and Tacha’s Epic Fight: this crowns them all! The fight that led to Tacha’s disqualification after she allegedly physically assaulted Mercy.

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