Motivational Speaker “Success Tips” demystified

Most Nigerian millennials that attended a Federal Boarding School in Lagos during 2007-2012 thereabouts, may have heard about Ken Katas. The guy who couldn’t spell the word “that” in SS2. Funny right?

Well, there are so many motivational speakers whose trademark is to add a little “salt n pepper”, to make their speech pleasant.

Unfortunately, in this article we will be demystifying some common “motivational speaker” ideas that have proven to be brutally false in reality.

1. You can make it on your own: Nobody ever makes it on their own. If you think it’s the Nigerian factor to always have someone in the upper echelon vying for you, then you are wrong. It happens everywhere in the World. You either need ‘connections’ as obtained in Nigeria or you need a better Government to thrive, as obtained in saner climes.

2. Through hard work ALONE, you can succeed: If you believed this years ago, your views must have changed now. Hard work alone, doesn’t guarantee success. Smart work, Consistency and LUCK do. People do not like hearing the word “luck”. But for those who do not have any connections or family support, you need to get one for yourself. Being at the right place at the right time. Putting yourself out there. Seizing opportunities as they come.

3. Successful people overwork themselves: if you overwork yourself, you could develop health issues and die!
Successful people know there is a time for everything. Time to work, to THINK and a time to rest.

4. Save! Save! Save!: This one won’t sit well with our generation. Please cultivate the habit of saving. It is essential. At the same time, take care of yourself. Some people do not earn much but they deprive themselves of normal things which they have termed as “luxury”. If you earn little please save little. You aren’t doing yourself any good if you are “over saving”. What you should be doing is learning skills that would help you get better job opportunities. Or starting up a small business that requires little capital. And there are many businesses that require little capital to start.

Motivation is essential. But learn how to differentiate between fantasy and reality. The world now has made it easier for people to become noticed based on the skills they have. And it’s not just in entrepreneurship. Developing yourself and putting yourself out there is key!


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