Happy New Week. Motivational quote for today!

Good morning guys and happy new week!

Who is feeling positive this week? Well we are and we hope you are too.

Our motivational quote for the day says:

“No matter how difficult and painful it may be, nothing sounds as good to the soul as the truth”.

Truth. That is one bitter pill to swallow. We often hear people talk about preferring to be lied to than to be told the truth, especially in cases of cheating in relationships. We often encounter people who lie to themselves to make themselves feel better or “have” less responsibilities. We, sometimes lie to ourselves when we know we have erred and can’t face the guilt our errors come with.

One thing’s for certain. The truth ALWAYS prevails. It looks or feels like it’s easier to lie to ourselves about certain wrong turns we may have taken in life or about the shitty way we treated loved ones, but on the long run, that guilt will keep lurking there, waiting for the day you decide to face it. The difference is that you’d have freed yourself sooner and made amends earlier when you tell yourself the truth on time.

Let us search ourselves and admit first to ourselves our wrongdoings and then we can take steps to correct them.

You can’t forgive yourself or move on from something you keep lying to yourself that you aren’t guilty of. The first step is always admission of guilt.

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