4 things we expect from the New Set of Big Brother Naija Housemates.

Another Big Brother Season is upon us and we can’t wait!

This year has brought way more than its fair share of evils and we need something entertaining to keep our minds less gloomy for a minute or two.

What are you guys expecting from this new set of housemates?

  • Can we all agree that we do not want a repeat of the “bad bitch” strategy as employed by you-know-whos in the previous seasons? We saw it in Efe’s set, in Season 3, Season 4, we hope NOT to see it in Season 5. Please new housemates, especially the females, that strategy is tired!
  • No Clique formation: what are we even saying? As much as we do not want to see any sort of segregation, we believe it will definitely be there! But there’s no harm in wishing right?
  • Be REAL! Nigerians will agree that they are tired of listening to phony accents mixed with obvious indigenous accents. These ladies and gents should try and talk to themselves sometimes and hear how they sound when using these fake accents. Anyway, it’s a Nigerian thing though. No “oi” accent, no recognition.
  • The game is the game: nobody wants to keep watching someone who is ruled by his or her emotions all the time. Let’s see more fun and matured people this season yea?
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