Lady whose husband “surprised” her with a Lexus 2020 has been accused of stealing the photos

It looks like twitter for FBI agents have done their job as usual.

So a few days ago, a lady came on Twitter to celebrate her husband, Oluwasegun for buying her the latest Lexus car. She posted pictures as well. Here’s the post she made:

”My husband woke me and told me we needed to go somewhere and that it was an emergency Well this was the emergency A BRAND NEW 2020 LEXUS LS

I am so grateful and in awe of you Oluwasegun. thanks for spoiling me”






Meanwhile, some Twitter users who thought the photo looked fake because she didn’t snap with the car or even show the face of the person who bought the car decided to dig deep and they found out that the pictures are actually from a particular social media page.

Well, her account has been deactivated, for those of you who want to rush there to drag her!

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