Happy New Month! Welcome to August

Hey guys it’s August already?

Do you guys feel like this year is the longest, fastest year ever? Like the year is just passing by really fast before our eyes but so many things have happened that make it feel like it’s a really long year.

Well, here’s one quote for you guys this new month:

”I have always had the ability to say no, that’s how I call my own shots”- Sidney Poitier.

How often do you say NO to things or people you truly want to say no to? Or do you just say YES because you will feel guilty if you didn’t?

If you’re somebody who gives off a lot of their time or money or abilities to people you know deep down in your heart do not deserve it, then you need to fix up! Learn to say NO. Crush that feeling of guilt that comes right after you say NO because those people will definitely find a way to do their stuff without you.

And guess what? People who ask too much never know when to stop, so it’s your responsibility to know when you’ve given enough and take a step back. Right after you feel guilty, you’d feel better because you didn’t let yourself be used as a doormat by people whose wants have no limits.

Happy New Month lovelies.

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