Major BBN Season 5 highlights in the house this week. Enjoy!

This BBN season looks like it’s going to be hotter than the previous seasons because these set of housemates have so far given us different vibes. We have relationship vibes, FWB vibes, Love triangles, the boss lady vibes, playboy vibes etc.

We have compiled a list of major things that have happened in the house this week and here you have it in no particular order:

1. Tolanibaj being sent out of the diary room by biggie: this one ”shock” us. She was sent out because she wore a bum short and a spaghetti top for her diary session.

This did not go down well with BBNaija fans who took to Twitter, commenting on Biggie’s action towards Tolanibaj. Some say that the organisers were being careful due to the calls for the show to be banned.

2. Ka3na and Praise were caught having sex last night: Wow! What were they thinking? That everybody would be asleep and biggie’s eyes won’t be on them?

3. Ka3na and Wathoni’s fight: well, this was about food and whatever insecurities they both have. Wathoni complained that Ka3na was discriminating against her anytime she cooks and shares food for the housemates. So she decided to cook for herself and not eat Ka3na’s food.

4. Lucy emerged Head of House and her deputy is Prince. So these two are safe for this week’s eviction.

5. Erica and Kiddwaya’s passionate kiss that everyone wishes they were in Erica’s position at that moment. That kiss was just magical!

6. All the housemates lost their wager due to House rules infringement. Meanwhile Neo and Vee were commended for their incredible performance.

7. Big Brother advises Ozo: well this is new. At least biggie is actually the ”big brother” now. So during their diary sessions, ozo expressed concerns about Nengi and biggie gave him some words of advice. He also did the same with Lilo who broke down in tears concerning her relationship with Eric.

8. Nengi breaks Ozo’s heart and clings unto Prince. Well even the ship with Prince has already capsized. Seems as though Nengi isn’t trying to be in any house relationship because of the boyfriend she has outside the house.

9. Kiddwaya’s playboy-ism takes effect: Well, it was expected though. What we don’t know is if it’s Nengi making the moves or Kiddwaya is the one initiating the whole situationship between the both of them.

10. Kaisha and Lucy’s squabble: this was met with a lot of unfair words being thrown around. Kaisha called Lucy an ”old cargo”? Wow!

And we’re done for this week. We will bring you major highlights from the show again Next Week Saturday.

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