Happy New Week. Monday Motivation

Good morning lovelies. It’s a new day and a new week. We hope you are charged for this week’s activities.

If you aren’t, here’s something to have in mind this week.

This is originally an Igbo proverb, but we have already translated it to English. It has highlighted a major problem many of us face today but we do not care to admit, event ourselves.

It says: ”The foolish rat copies the lizard and goes out into the rain”.

This means living beyond one’s means. The thrill of having the same things someone else has probably because of what you’ve seen on social media.

First of all,  not all you see on Social Media is ”Fake”. Deal with the fact that some people actually are wealthy and can afford certain stuff and love to post them on Social Media.

The crux of this matter, however, is when you see these people and their displayed possessions (whether real or fake), you start hurting your savings in order to get the same things. You start plunging yourself into unnecessary debt to acquire things that will depreciate in value over time.

One principle to live by when you’re tempted to buy things you know will hurt your account balance and you probably won’t get much value from it is this: When you feel it’s time to get something, then you should check if you can afford that two times over”.

A car for example, you see a car of N1million and another car of N3million. You’ve got N4million, in your account and N1million as Savings. What do you do? The obvious of course! Spend within your means. Sooner or later, when you can afford to buy a more expensive car, then you can get one.


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