5 characters we love in the BB Naija house

So far this season’s set of housemates have proved to be everyone’s favorite, from what we have seen on Social Media. While we can agree that they have brought a lot of entanglement baggage with them, they have also proved to be cool-headed, classy, and free with one another.

But, we have our favorites and we bet you’d agree with us too.

Here are our 5 favorite characters in the Big Brother house this year (IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER):

1. Dorathy : dorathy has a lively and bubbly spirit and she has shown us she is much more than her physical endowments. She has also proven to be emotionally mature and is one of the few who has shown that she is in complete control of her emotions in the house.








2. Laycon: popularly known as the ”Aristotle” of the house, Laycon is intelligent and straightforward and he is sweet as well. We would love to see what he has in store for us on the show.






3. Brighto: Anytime his part comes on, expect to have him dishing out words of ”advice” to one or more of his fellow housemates. Brighto’s dubious role which he has taken on is funny and entertaining and would definitely have viewers rooting for him as he brings on more tricks. Of course we all know it’s just a strategy.






4. Kiddwaya: the billionaire heir! Often viewed as a playboy because of the way he supposedly shows affection to most of the female housemates. But we all know who kiddwaya has his eyes set on. Kidd may come off as a playboy, but we choose to see a well brought up gentleman who tries to make everyone around him feel comfortable.







5. Erica : one attribute we love about Erica is her calmness. She is laid back and chill and looks like she isn’t problematic. She tries her best to talk to everyone in the house, except the person gives off ”leave me alone” vibes. We definitely believe Erica is a smart and humble lady who deserves our attention.

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